Dilatometry / Dilatometer (DIL) - Expansion Measurements

Dilatometry / Dilatometer (DIL)

Dilatometry (DIL) is a technique in which a dimension of a substance under negligible load is measured (e.g. expansion measurement or shrinkage measurement) as a function of temperature while the substance is subjected to a controlled temperature program in a specified atmosphere.

Linseis produces a wide range of Single-, Dual-, Differential-, Quattro-, Quenching-, Laser- and Optical Dilatometer in a temperature range from -180°C up to 2800°C and a resolution up to 0.3 nm. Thanks to our years of experience (est. 1953), Linseis offers Dilatometers with an unbeaten performance.  

Depending on your Application, we offer the perfect solution:

Vertical Dilatometer L75V:

  • No friction on expansion
  • Push-rod contact is always guaranteed
  • possible field of application: samples that shrink during heat up

Horizontal Dilatometer L76/L75H:

  • Economic system, very simple and easy to use
  • Highest temperature uniformity
  • L75H is perfect for research & development

Optical Dilatometer L74 Optical:

  • Non-contact - no contact pressure
  • Only choice for melting samples during the measurement
  • Can be used for many applications (contact angle, heating microscope...)
  • Excellent heating behavior
  • Best choice for irregularly shaped and soft samples

Quenching and Deformation Dilatometer L78 Rita:

  • Unreached heating and cooling rates up to 2500K/s
  • Creation of CHT/CCT/TTT diagrams
  • Deformation forces up to 25 kN

Certainly Linseis Dilatometers comply with all national and international standards related to thermal expansion measurements, such as: ASTM E228, E289, E831, D696, D3386, DIN ISO 7991, DIN EN 821, DIN 51045.