Dilatometer – DIL

Expansion measurement / sintering processes / contact angle

Dilatometers are crucial pieces of equipment when testing dimensional changes in materials including metals, glasses, polymers and ceramics. They can test for coefficient of thermal expansion, linear thermal expansion, phase transitions, softening point, shrinkage steps, density changes, decomposition temperature, sintering temperature, anisotropic behavior and a range of other measurements. These function either by making physical contact with the material via a pushrod or through the use of non-contact optical sensors. A furnace incorporated into the instrument is used to heat the material in certain situations, although a dilatometer also can measure changes to materials as they cool or are kept at a specific temperature. The sample is measured by a precision displacement sensing system that identifies any changes to its physical properties. The many changes these instruments can detect include changes in rigidity, dimensional changes and irregularities.

Linseis produces a wide range of single, dual, differential, quattro, quenching, laser, optical and deformation dilatometers in a temperature range from -263 ° C up to 2800 ° C. Our dilatometers are of offer highest precision and offer automated length change measurement of solids, powder pastes and liquids.

Our dilatometers comply with  international standards  such as eg ASTM E831, ASTM D696, ISO 11358, ISO / DIS 9924, ASTM E1131, ASTM D3850, ASTM D6375, ASTM D6370, ASTM E2550 and ASTM D3175.

Tasks and Applications:

Industries We Serve

  • Automotive & Aerospace
  • Building Materials
  • Ceramics & Glass
  • Chemicals
  • Electronics
  • Metals & Alloys
  • Polymers
  • Thin Film Technology

Linseis dilatometer

DIL L75 PT Horizontal

Linseis Dilatometer DIL-L75-Horizontal
  • High performance horizontal single, differential or double pushrod dilatometer
  • Temperature range: -180 up to 1000/1600/2800 ° C
  • LVDT or optical encoder
  • price range: $$


DIL L75 PT Vertical

  • Vertical dilatometer “Zero-Friction”
  • Multiple furnace option (up to 3 furnaces)
  • Different furnaces: -263 up to 1000/1600/1750 … 2800 ° C
  • price range: $$


DIL L74 Optical Dilatometer

Linseis Optical Dilatometer 2019
  • Non contact optical dilatometer
  • Vacuum tight design
  • optional gas dosing systems
  • -100 ° C up to 1500/1700/2000 ° C
  • price range: $$$



Relative Humidity L40/RH

Relative Humidity Generator
  • The typical temperature range for humidity generator is between room temperature and 80°C with a controllable relative humidity from 0.2% up to 98%
  • For the analysis of food, pharmaceuticals, building materials or biological processes
  • The other possibility is to measure under isothermal conditions


Water Vapor L40/MV

Water Vapor
  • By mixing water vapor, produced in a water vapor generator, with a carrier gas like air, nitrogen or helium, variable concentration (in Vol.-%, wt.% or ppm) of the water vapor in the sample gas can be adjusted within our analyzers.
  • The generator evaporates water without necessarily mixing the residual water vapor with other purge gases, which allows 100% H2O atmosphere at the sample.



Linseis Optical Dilatometer 2019
  • High performance heating microscope for demanding applications
  • Vacuum tight design
  • optional gas dosing systems
  • Temperature range: -100°C up to 1500/1700/2000°C
  • price range: $$



Linseis Dilatometer L76
  • Robust workhorse pushrod dilatometer for quality control applications
  • Temperature range RT up to 1000/1400/1600°C
  • price range: $


DIL L75 PT Quattro

Linseis Dilatometer 4fach-Probenmessungen
  • High throughput vertical dilatometer for up to 4 samples
  • “Zero Friction”
  • Temperature range RT up to 1000/1400/1600/2000°C
  • price range: $$


DIL L75 / laser

Linseis Laser Dilatometer
  • Worlds only commercial absolute dilatometer – no zero run required
  • Resolution 0.3nm (300 picometer)
  • Temperature range: -180°C up to 1000°C
  • price range: $$$



Linseis Dilatometer DIL-L78-RITA
  • Quenching and Deformation Dilatometer family
  • determination of TTT, CHT and CCT diagrams
  • up to 2500 ° C / s heating and cooling
  • -150 up to 1600 ° C temperature range
  • price range: $$ – $$$


DIL L75 high pressure

Linseis Dilatomer Hochdruck
  • The worlds only high-pressure dilatometer
  • up to 150 bar variable pressure and gas dosing
  • RT up to 1000/1550/1800°C
  • price range: $$$


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Horizontal dilatometer vs. vertical dilatometer

Horizontal arrangement

  • Easy and robust design at a modest price
  • Perfect choice for mid temperature range
  • Easy sample handling
  • Customized dilatometers for huge samples available

Push rod dilatometer from Linseis Thermal AnalysisHorizontal Design [/ caption]

Linseis Quattro dilatometerVertical Design [/ caption]

Vertical arrangement

  • Zero friction design (sample is only in contact with the end knob and the pushrod)
  • Multi-furnace arrangement (up to three furnaces)
  • to cover entire temperature range from -180 to 2800 ° C, especially ideal for low and
    very high temperatures
  • to increase throughput (hot furnace can be lifted automatically to switch to new cold furnace and start new measurement)
  • perfect for low temperature measurements (furnace on the bottom – measurement compartment on top) to ensure natural gas path, cold air (falls down) below sensor compartment
  • perfect for high temperature measurements (furnace on top – measurement compartment below) to ensure natural gas path, hot air (streams up) above sensor compartment
  • Small footprint and small lab space requirements
  • Available as single-, differential / double- and quattro arrangement (1, 2 or 4 samples at the same time)

Accuracy Is Crucial

Whether you’re monitoring a chemical reaction or measuring thermal expansion for an engineering solution, it is essential that you be able to count on your instruments to provide accurate measurements. That’s why many clients across multiple industries depend on our equipment to give them the absolute highest levels of accuracy no matter what the application.

For example, these units serve to provide important information about the expansion and shrinkage behavior of building materials during the production process as well as once they reach their final destination. They also help determine the strength and durability of metals for certain potential uses. As a worldwide leader in the manufacture of these devices, you can be sure that whatever you buy from us has been designed and built to the highest standards of quality and performance. Whatever your specific requirements are, we have the capability to meet them. To learn more about our full range of products, browse our selection here on this page or get in touch with us today.



Linseis Dilatometer Produktbroschüre L76 L75

DIL L76 and 75
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Linseis Produktbroschüre Optisches Dilatometer

Optical DIL Product


Linseis Produktbroschüre DIL L75 Quattro

DIL L 75 Quattro
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Linseis Produktbroschüre Hochdruckdilatometer

DIL L75 HP Product-
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Linseis Produktbroschüre Dilatometer RITA QDT

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Dilatomer Produktbroschüre Laser

DIL L75 Laser Product-


Linseis Dilatometer Software

DIL Special Software
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