Thermal analysis in the field of Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace

The demands on materials for vehicle construction and aerospace are particularly high. The functionality and durability of the designs depend on the nature and suitability of the materials, and also the health of the vehicle occupants including drivers, pilots, astronauts and passengers.

A decisive factor for the selection of materials in these sometimes highly sensitive areas are thermophysical properties. These properties can be determined by means of deformation analysis, material testing or crack testing.

Among other things, the modern thermoanalytical measuring techniques of LINSEIS enable the following questions to be answered:

  • At what temperature does a bumper distort?
  • Which material is the least susceptible to impact deformation?
  • Why is there a molded part for brittleness breakage?
  • Can the curing cycle of a carbon fiber reinforced resin be shortened?
  • Is the turbine material sufficiently thermally conductive to ensure good cooling?
  • Which material can withstand the high thermal loads in the aerospace industry?

Thermophysical measurement techniques provide an ideal tool for research and development for cars, trucks, airplanes, satellites or manned spaceflight. This testing is imperative for part testing, quality control, process optimization and or failure analysis.

Vehicle appearance due to exposure to a variety of environmental influences, during their use can change in appearance, function, and life. The climatic tests provided by our instruments play a major role in discovery and product enhancement.

LINSEIS also provides suitable measuring devices for the determination of thermophysical data, for this purpose.

autonomous driving

Autonomous driving – R&D of heat management and electronic parts

Engine of a car

More power – less energy consumption R&D of engines

space shuttle

Further development in space technology

plane engine

Safe aircraft – R&D of turbines, engines and electronic parts

Applications for Automotive & Aerospace

DIL L75 VS CRYO – Copper – Thermal expansion

App. Nr. 02-001-005 DIL L75 VS CRYO – Copper – Thermal expansion

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