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Based in Selb, Bavaria

We are the thermal testing specialists in Germany

A fundamental component of our company’s philosophy is its in-house testing laboratory, which forms the core of Linseis‘s innovative strength.

This cutting-edge facility is not only equipped with the latest Linseis devices but is also operated by a team of seasoned scientists and technicians.

These experts are dedicated to developing new measurement methods, conducting sophisticated material tests, and optimizing existing thermal analysis procedures.

  • samples are tested under real-world conditions
  • send in your own samples for analysis and we will prepare it for your measurement
  • the laboratory serves as a training center where customers and partners are educated in the operation of complex measuring instruments
  • customer-oriented service through its testing laboratory

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Available contract measurements:

DIL – Dilatometry

  • Determination of coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal expansion between -150°C and 1750°C
  • Measurement from $350,-
  • According to ASTM D 696, ASTM E 228, ASTM E 831, ASTM E 1363, ASTM E 1545, ASTM E 1824, DIN 53752

DSC – Differential scanning calorimetry

  • Measurement of enthalpy, phase transitions and specific heat capacity (Cp), Measurement from -150°C to 1550°C
  • Measurement from $350,-
  • According to ASTM C 351, ASTM D 3417, ASTM D 3895, ASTM D 4565, ASTM E 793, ASTM E 794, DIN 51004, DIN 51007, DIN 53765, DIN 65467, DIN EN 728, ISO 10837, ISO 11357, ISO 11409

dsc 100 linseis

TGA – Thermogravimetry

  • Measurement of mass change/ decomposition residues between RT and 1550°C
  • Measurement from $400,-
  • According to ASTM E 914, ASTM E 1131, ASTM E 1868, DIN 51006, ISO 7111, ISO 11358

STA – simultaneous thermal analysis

  • Simultaneous measurement of TG and DSC for determination of mass change and calorimetric effects between RT and 1550°C
  • Measurement from $500,-
  • According to ASTM E 914, ASTM E 1131, ASTM E 1868, DIN 51006, ISO 7111, ISO 11358

RITA – inductive dilatometry

  • Measurement of phase diagrams and phase transitions of steel samples, CCT, CTT, TTT;
  • Measurement of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) with fast heating and cooling rates between RT and 1600°C
  • Measurement from $500,-
  • According to ASTM A1033-04

LFA – Laser Flash Analysis

THB – Transient Hot Bridge Measurement

TIM-Tester – Thermal Interface Materials/ Thermal Conductivity

  • Measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal impedance between RT and 150 °C
  • Measurement from $300,-
  • According to ASTM D 5470

HFM – Heat flow meter

LSR – Seebeck-, resistance- and ZT measurement

HCS – Hall effect, charge carrier and Seebeck measurement

  • Measurement of electrical conductivity / resistivity, carrier density, carrier mobility, Hall constant, Seebeck coefficient
    Between -150 °C and 600 °C
  • Measurement from $350,-
  • According to ASTM F76-08

TFA – Thin Film Analyzer

  • Measurement of Thermal conductivity, Specific heat, Resistivity, Seebeck-Coefficient and Hall-Coefficient of thin films and coatings between -160°C and +280°C
  • Measurement starting from $800,-

TF-LFA – thin film laser flash

  • Measurement of thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of thin films and coatings between RT and 500°C
  • Measurement from $1800,-

How to order a contract measurement

Request an individual measurement quotation using our form

Send samples to the coefficient of thermal expansion testing lab of Linseis Thermal Analysis

We perform the measurements

After about 2-3 weeks you will receive the measurement results and a final report

And here in detail:

  • Please ask for an individual quotation using our contact form. Please tell us as exactly as possible under which test conditions your samples should be analyzed, how many measurements are planned. Afterwards you will receive a quotation and we can tell you if a sample preparation is necessary.
  • Please download the two following forms ( sample sheet and testing instructions) and provide us with the best possible information.
  • Please add your measurement order to the sample delivery and one sample sheet for each sample. In this way we can better assign your sample. Please send your samples to the following address:

Linseis Messgeräte GmbH
Service Lab
Vielitzerstr. 43
95100 Selb / Germany

email: [email protected]
Subject: Order measurement

  • Usually the measurement can be performed within 10-14 days and the result can be sent via email. The procedure depends on the measurement conditions and the number of samples.

Downloads: Testing instruction and sample data sheet

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