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Linseis Thermal Analysis

The latest measurement technology

More compact, faster and more innovative
Hall effect analyzer HCS 1

LINSEIS HCS 1 & 10 with Seebeck sensor

Analyze two properties with one instrument: Hall coefficient and Seebeck coefficient

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STA HP 3 new instrument


Unique high-pressure STA in the table version (top-loading) with a small oven for fast gas changes

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TIM-Tester new instrument


The perfect solution for thermal management optimization of thermal interface materials.


Linseis Chip DSC 10

LINSEIS Chip-DSC 1 & 10

The new compact Differential Scanning Calorimeters for precise measurements in the smallest laboratories.

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Methods of Thermal analysis

thermal analysis mehtods

Learn more about the methods of thermal analysis

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Applications of Semiconductors

thermoelectrics sensor

Take a look at our applications: properties of semiconductor materials

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LINSEIS – Thermal analysis for over 50 years

We know where we’re from, we know where we’re going

The beginning

In 1957 our enterprise was founded by Dr. Max Linseis in the nice porcelain town Selb and always offers outstanding service and know how in the area of the Thermal Analysis / Thermo Analysis.

Today the company is continued by Dipl. Phys. Claus Linseis in the 2nd generation and enjoys an excellent reputation at internationally famous enterprises and universities from Europe, America and Asia. Also the 3rd generation has become an established force in the enterprise and will develop by product innovations and customer satisfaction to be more successful in the future.

Our terrain

We produce measuring instruments for material analysis in research and quality control. Thermal analysis, determination of thermal conductivity and testing of thermoelectric parameters are among our core competencies.

Short distances between development and production enable us to respond to individual requirements. We develop measuring instruments for your application!


The future

Our innovative strength and the uncompromising high quality standard make us a worldwide leading manufacturer in the thermal analysis. And to ensure it stays this way, we will invest our engagement in research and development at technological as well as personnel level furthermore.

Your leadership, is our task!

Selection of our customers

from research, automotive, chemistry and many other industries