About us LINSEIS

More than 60 years ago LINSEIS started the production of thermal analysis recorders and instruments. We have taken up the challenge with pleasure to produce the required equipment for you.

The development and manufacture of thermoanalytical instruments requires dedicated research and a high degree of precision work, for us this is a matter of course for the benefit of our customers.

Linseis Schreiber

Our claim is technology leadership

Claus Linseis

Dipl. Phys. Claus Linseis

We develop and produce thermoanalytical and thermophysical instruments of the highest precision at a fair and reasonable price. Our innovative strength and uncompromising quality standards make LINSEIS one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of thermal analysis.

In order to achieve our common goal, many people are needed who use their best efforts to create the success of satisfied customers. I invite you as our valued customers to send me any comments, suggestions, acknowledgements or complaints directly for treatment through my office.


Company history

Dr. Max Linseis - founder of Linseis Messgeräte

Dr. Max Linseis – Founder

  • 1955 Patent for DTA – DE925256 (C)


  • 1956 Foundation of Linseis Messgeräte GmbH by Dr. Maximilian Linseis


  • 1956 First Dilatometer delivery


  • 1957 First TGA (Thermobalance) delivery
  • 1962 Patent for High temperatureDilatometer – DE1124728 (B)


  • 1964 First TG-DTA delivery


  • 1968 First 2400°C DTA


  • 1971 First DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)


  • 1975 Patent for LFA Laser Flash – Thermal conductivity Analyzer DE2331280 (A1)


  • 1976 Differential Dilatometer


  • 1977 First TMA Thermo mechanical Analyzer


  • 1978 First Coupling TGA-MS (Linseis – Leybold – MS), First commerical Laser Dilatometer


  • 1978 Foundation of Linseis USA
  • 1982 First Guarded Hot Plate – GHP


  • 1986 New STA L81-1 Series with Turntable of 2 Furnaces


  • 1989 New Dilatometer Series DIL L75


  • 1993 New TMA Series TMA L77

  • 2005 First Xenon Flash XFA


  • 2005 New Laser Flash LFA


  • 2006 First pressure STA
  • 2009 LSR – Seebeck & Electric – Resistivity Analyzer


  • 2011 HFM Heat Flow Meter


  • 2011 THB Transient Hot Bridge


Linseis Inc USA Robbinsville

Located in Princeton Junction New Jersey and operated as a separate entity, Linseis Inc. has expanded the Linseis product line to include Thermal Analysis Instruments, Chart Recorders, Data Loggers, Infrared and Digital Thermometers and Thermo/Hygrometers.

Through continued product development and partnership agreements, Linseis Inc. is able to offer high quality instruments for many measuring applications.