Thermal analysis applications with cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food

The ingredients of many drugs are sensitive to heat and quickly lose their effect due to heat influence. This is the case, for example, with emulsions, which often change their consistency even at summary temperatures while separating into constituents. In addition, fats contained in the emulsion can spoil, making the drug unusable.

Many medicines need to be kept refrigerated so as not to decompose as quickly. In Germany, there are more than 2,000 refrigerated or cold chain products such as special vaccines, asthma sprays, and insulins which may only exceed a temperature of 8 ° C for a short time. In addition to the chemistry for doctors, there are also numerous cosmetic products such as lotions which are sensitive to heat and therefore require special protection.

It is possible to reduce the reaction of drugs to thermal influences with suitable packaging. However, to find the right packaging, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the ingredients used.

Investigation methods such as thermal analysis and calorimetry are used in the field of pharmacology primarily to characterize the main active ingredients and to determine the pharmaceutical dosage form.

Due to their high sensitivity, the instruments from LINSEIS enable the smallest thermal reactions to be detected with extremely small amounts of sample. This makes them ideal for use in this sensitive area.


Chip-DSC 10 – foods on DSC – chocolate

App. Nr. 02-011-006 Chip DSC 10 – Foods on DSC - chocolate

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THB 100 – Milk powder – Thermal conductivity

App. Nr. 02-006-004 THB 100 – Milk powder – Thermal conductivity

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Chip-DSC 10 – DSC of pharmaceuticals – Glass point sorbitol

App. Nr. 02-011-003 Differential Scanning Calorimeter - Chip DSC 10 – DSC of pharmaceuticals – Glass point sorbitol

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Chip-DSC 100 – Xerogel nanoparticles

App. Nr. 02-011-012 - Differential Scanning Calorimeter - Chip-DSC 100 – Xerogel nanoparticles

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Chip-DSC 10 – food industries (lactose) – characterization of glasstransitions

App. Nr. 02-011-016 Chip DSC 10 - lactose-02

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Chip-DSC 10 – food testing – butter and maragarine

Chip-DSC 10 - Melting of fat acids

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STA PT 1000 – Thermal behavior of banana pseudostems

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