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Bundle 1: Thermal Conductivity

Buy a LFA 500 and get a THB 100 for free
or buy a LFA 1000 and get a DIL L76 or Chip-DSC 1 for free

The Linseis LFA 500 Light Flash offer a versatile tool to measure the Thermal Diffusivity for up to 18 Samples at the same time. With this device you can determine temperatures over a wide range with high precision.

LFA  500>>

The Thermal Conductivity Meter THB enables thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat measurements on various sample geometries and materials. With this device you can directly determine the thermal conductivity at room temperature.

THB >>

The Linseis LFA 1000 Laser Flash is the most modular and precise Instrument for the determination of Thermal Diffusivity. The three user exchangeable furnaces allow measurements from -125 up to 2800°C.

LFA 1000 >>

The Dilatometer DIL L76 is very reliable and covers a wide temperature range from RT up to 1000°C, 1400°C and 1600°C with user exchangeable furnaces.

DIL L76 >>

Chip-DSC 1: Worlds only commercial Heat Flux DSC with integrated heater and temperature sensor. Unmatched sensitivity, time constant and heating / cooling rates.

Chip-DSC 1 >>

formula thermal conductivity

Bundle 2: The perfect couple for polymers

Buy a TGA PT 1000 and you get 50 % discount on the Chip-DSC 10!

The Linseis TGA PT 1000 for thermogravimetric applications is a top loading Thermobalance, which offers a highly user friendly design. Even at a sample weight of up to 5g the tara is done electronically.

zur TGA PT 1000 >>

The new sensor of the Chip-DSC 10 integrates all essential parts of DSC, furnace, sensor and electronics in a miniaturized housing.

The chip-arrangement comprises the heater and temperature sensor in a chemically inert ceramic arrangement with metallic heater and temperature sensor.

Chip DSC 10 >>

Bundle 3: Ideal combi for the building industry

Buy a HFM 300 and get the THB 1 for free!

The LINSEIS Heat Flow Meter HFM 300 is a robust and reliable instrument. Its unique design enables highly accurate measurements within minutes. The system provides an excellent long term stability enabling precise long term aging studies.

HFM 300 >>

The Linseis Transient Hot Bridge THB enables thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat measurements on various sample geometries and materials. This Linseis measuring instrument provides the three material properties simultaneously after just a few minutes time regardless of whether you have used the patented sensor in a solid matter or in a liquid.

THB >>

Bundle 4: The trio for thermal characterization

When you buy a LSR and LFA 500, you get a HCS 1 for free!

In the basic version LSR-3, both the Seebeck coefficient and the electrical conductivity (electrical resistance) of solid materials can be measured fully automatically and simultaneously up to a temperature of 1100 ° C.

LSR-3 >>

The LFA 500 series is ideal for determining / measuring the thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity and specific heat of up to 18 samples in a temperature range of -100° C to 1000° C.

LFA 500 >>

The Linseis HCS Hall Effect Meter HCS 1 enables the characterization of semiconductor systems. It measures mobility, resistance, carrier concentration, the Hall coefficient and Seebeck coefficient.

HCS 1 >>

Formel ZT

Fit in the budget!

Our basic instruments can be fit to your budget! For each field of thermal analysis we offer you a suitable instrument for most research and quality control applications.

So if you still have a limited budget available and have doubts about the price, we can offer you an attractive price for these measuring instruments.

The following basic instruments are available:

Chip-DSC 1

Differential Scanning Calorimeter Chip-DSC 1




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