Properties in the field of thermal analysis

The development of materials and processes, the construction and operation of machinery and equipment and the construction of structures require the knowledge of material properties. In physics, chemistry and materials science, these properties are described by physical measures. Some of these sizes are also the basis for process control and quality assurance in production.

The thermal analysis enables the precise and rapid determination of the substance sizes and their change depending on the temperature:

Chemical and physical reactions

In thermal analysis, a differentiation is made between chemical and physical processes. Below you will find an overview of possible processes in materials research.

1. Chemical processes:

  • Rusting, tarnishing, scaling of metal e.g. iron + oxygen → iron oxide
  • Combustion of fuel such as petrol or coal
  • Electrochemical processes in batteries
  • Blast furnace ironmaking
  • Production of plastics
  • Setting of concrete and mortar

The chemical properties determine the reactivity and corrosion resistance of a material. In the case of physical properties, materials are characterised according to e.g. colour and melting point.

2. Physical processes:

  • Freezing, heating, evaporation: ice → water → water vapor
  • Liquefaction of air
  • Deformation and heating during machining and crushing
  • Mixture formation in Otto engine
  • Mixing of gases

During physical processes the substances change their outer form, the state of aggregation. The state of aggregation depends on the energy state.

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