Properties in the field of thermal analysis

The development of materials and processes, the construction and operation of machinery and equipment and the construction of structures require the knowledge of material properties. In physics, chemistry and materials science, these properties are described by physical measures. Some of these sizes are also the basis for process control and quality assurance in production.

The thermal analysis enables the precise and rapid determination of the substance sizes and their change depending on the temperature:

Overview of techniques and measurements

The measurements are based on various thermoanalytical methods, in which the relationships between electrical or optical and thermal variables are used.

Technique Measurement
Thermometry time
Differential thermal analysis temperature difference
Calorimetry heat
Dilatometry length or volume
Thermomechanical analysis stress, strain
Thermogravimetry mass
Dynamic mechanical analysis stress, strain, time
Electrical conductivity analysis electrical resistance
Evolved-gas analysis pyrolysis with gas analysis
Thermal conductivity analysis thermal conductivity
Thermal diffusivity analysis thermal diffusivity
Thermomagnetic analysis magnetic susceptibility
Thermooptical analysis microscopy