Thermal analysis in the field of Energy industries

In times of climate change and dwindling fossil energy sources, it is becoming increasingly more important to use the remaining resources as efficiently as possible for energy and heat generation. It is indispensable to know the thermal properties of fuels such as coal, oil, and gas to achieve this goal.

Knowing the thermal characteristics of the materials used is an important safety factor, in areas such as nuclear energy. In this case, in particular, it is necessary to prevent leakage of the radioactivity arising in the nuclear power plant or in a nuclear drive from the reactor. This can only succeed if the construction uses materials that can withstand both radiation and high operating pressures and temperatures. High pressure instruments from Linseis are required to determine this. These instruments are produced to withstand the prevailing conditions.

Even higher temperatures and pressures are produced by recovering lithium secondary energy using fusion reactors. Although, the process is still in its infancy, research has been running at full speed for years. One of the most delicate questions in the design of this type of reactor is determining a suitable wall material. This answer can only be determined when using reliable thermal analysis methods such as Dilatometry, Simultaneous Thermal Analysis or Laserflash analysis.

LINSEIS offers scientists and developers in the nuclear and energy industries a broad range of high quality thermal analysis instrumentation that fully meets all accuracy, safety and functionality requirements.

Nuclear Brochure for Thermal analysis

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Devices for the nuclear and energy industries

DIL nuclear

Linseis Dilatometer for nuclear applications

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Linseis LFA Laser Flash for nuclear applications

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TG-DSC for nuclear applications