Thermal analysis in Research, Development and Academia

Materials have been the driving force behind technological progress, since the beginning of time,. The immense importance of new materials for the further development of society has not changed to this day. More than two thirds of all technical innovations can be traced directly or indirectly to novel materials.

New materials with considerably better properties and functionalities in R & D increases the competitiveness of industry. It also provides impetus for a more sustainable economy. Thus, it contributes greatly to greater prosperity and quality of life.

Whether ceramic fibers, bioplastics, or nanotechnology – the new and further development of complex, often heterogeneous materials requires strong and solid basic research. This, in turn, requires a variety of investigation possibilities in the field of materials physics relative to specific heat capacity, melting point, expansion coefficient, sintering behavior or the thermal conductivity of the new materials.

Currently, polymer research, hybrid materials, super-semiconductors, and superlight materials are of interest to the automotive and aerospace industry. Some of these materials include silicon carbide, titanium aluminide and are of particular interest in playing an important role in research and development. In the future, however, everyday objects will increasingly consist of new materials that make them even more functional and safe. The handling of these products will be faster, safer, and more comfortable.
LINSEIS supplies a wide variety of high-quality investigative equipment such as dilatometers, HP-TG/DSC high-pressure differential scanning calorimeters, Thermobalances, Gravimetric sorption analyzers, Thin film analyzers, and thermal conductivity meters. These tools provide solutions through varied applications which will benefit growth in industry.

General applications

LFA 1000 – graphite – Thermal conductivity

App. Nr. 02-007-001 LFA 1000 - graphite – Thermal conductivity thermal diffusivity

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Chip DSC 1 – Indium melting – Heating rates

App. Nr. 02-011-007 Chip DSC 1 – Indium melting – Heating rates

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LFA 1000 – Multilayer sample – Thermal conductivity

App. Nr. 02-007-004 LFA 1000 – Multilayer sample – Thermal conductivity

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