TIM-Tester – Vespel – Thermal conductivity, Thermal Impedance

Glass Adhesive – Thermal conductivity

The glass adhesive under investigation is used for structural bonding and especially for glass sealing of vehicles. The adhesive provides a wide range of mechanical properties, so it can be also used to seal and fill gaps in vehicle battery packs or for quarter lights, modular roof assemblies, sunroof systems or door glass.

To the advantageous properties count a high thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance, vibration damping, and it is compatible with all vehicle production processes. The aim of the TIM-Tester measurement was to verify the thermal conductivity.

App. Nr. 02-00-003 TIM-Tester – Adhesives – Thermal conductivity, Thermal Impedance

App. Nr. 02-008-003 TIM-Tester – Adhesives – Thermal conductivity and Thermal Impedance

The plot shows a measurement of the thermal impedance (thermal conductivity) of the adhesive at 37 °C with a set temperature gradient of 6 °C. During the measurement the pressure was increased to achieve an increasing compression of the sample. The thickness was decreasing from 3 mm to 2 mm.

The thermal conductivity was determined to 1.76 W/mK which fits to the expected results.

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The LINSEIS TIM-Tester (Thermal Interface Material Tester) measures the thermal impedance of sample materials and identifies an apparent thermal conductivity for a wide range of materials