Thermogravimetric Analyzer – TGA

Thermogravimetry / Thermobalance

Almost all Linseis instruments for thermogravimetry (TGA) are top loading, and offer a highly user-friendly design with a maximum sensitive measurement system. The specially designed furnaces allow fast heating and cooling rates as well as a highly precise temperature control in a temperature range from -150°C up to 2400°C.

Most of the systems can be optionally equipped with a coupling device for EGA (Evolved Gas Analysis). The instruments are highly suitable for thermal composition, thermal stability and oxidation studies.

The LINSEIS Thermobalances (TGA) operate in agreement with national and international standards such as:

  • ASTM E 914
  • ASTM E 1131
  • ASTM E 1868
  • DIN 51006
  • ISO 7111
  • ISO 11358

Cross section of a TGA

Linseis TGA-Series

TGA PT 1000

Linseis thermobalance - TGA 1000
  • Toploading low drift Thermobalance (TGA) 
  • High speed microfurnace for very fast heating and cooling
  • Many acessories such as: gas dosing systems, sample robot, MS/FTIR coupling etc.
  • Temperature range RT up to 1100°C
  • price range: $


TGA PT 1600

STA oder TGA PT 1600
  • Modular top loading high temperature Thermobalance (TGA)
  • Numerous options and upgrades: sample robot, gas dosing system, vacuum, many different sample holders and crucibles for different applications
  • Temperature range: -150 up to 1000/ 1400/ 1600/ 1750/ 2000/ 2400°C
  • price range: $$



Linseis MSB thermobalance
  • Magnetic levitation balance (MSB)
  • separation of reactor and balance
  • allows most challenging applications under sever temperature/gas conditions
  • Temperature range: -196 up to 2400°C
  • from 10E-5mbar to 150 bar
  • price range: $$$



Relative Humidity L40/RH

Relative Humidity Generator
  • The typical temperature range for humidity generator is between room temperature and 80°C with a controllable relative humidity from 0.2% up to 98%
  • For the analysis of food, pharmaceuticals, building materials or biological processes
  • The other possibility is to measure under isothermal conditions


Water Vapor L40/MV

Water Vapor
  • By mixing water vapor, produced in a water vapor generator, with a carrier gas like air, nitrogen or helium, variable concentration (in Vol.-%, wt.% or ppm) of the water vapor in the sample gas can be adjusted within our analyzers
  • The generator evaporates water without necessarily mixing the residual water vapor with other purge gases, which allows 100% H2O atmosphere at the sample



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