Thermal Analysis On Demand Webinars

We currently offer the following on demand webinars

Chip-DSC 1 und 10

Linseis Webinare Chip-DSC Folie 7


  • Measuring principle of Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Structure of the chip sensor and functioning of the chip technology
  • Sensor installation
  • The Chip-DSC series
  • Calibration of the device
  • PET measurement in under 15 minutes
  • Accessories and device options
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STA PT 1600

Linseis Webinare-STA PT 1600


  • Measuring principle of Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (DSC + TGA)
  • Overview of the STA units in terms of temperature range and pressure
  • Explanation of the measuring principles TGA and DSC
  • System of a STA
  • Crucibles, sensors, furnaces and accessories
  • Applications
  • Customized devices e.g. STA HP and applications
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Thermoelectrics – Overview

Linseis Webinar - Thermoelectric 1 weiß


  • Fundamentals of thermoelectrics
  • What is the Seebeck effect?
  • Characterization of thermoelectric materials (ZT – figure of merit)
  • Thermoelectric modules (Peltier / TEG)
  • Other devices for material characterization (charge carrier density, thin films, thermal interface materials)
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