Thermal Analysis Webinars

New exciting webinars will take place again starting next year!

Webinars: Thermal Analysis

Product presentation:
Simultaneous Thermal Analysis from July 11, 2019 (English)

Product presentation:
Chip-DSC 1 and 10 from July 18, 2019 (English)

LINSEIS Chip DSC with live measurement from June 9, 2020 (English)

Dilatometer (CTE) + Software from June 18, 2020 (English)

STA (TGA+DSC) and the Software from June 23, 2020 (English)

Modulated Chip DSC Webinar from February 2, 2021 (English)

DIL thermal expansion behaviour from March 23, 2021 (English)

STA Live Webinar from April 6, 2021 (English)

Chip DSC Sensor Types from May 18, 2021 (English)

DSC Low Mass Sensor from October 19, 2021 (English)

DIL Thermal expansion behaviours from June 7, 2022 (English)

Webinars: Thermal conductivity

LFA Laser Flash (Thermal Conductivity) + Software from May 19, 2020 (English)

Product presentation:
Thermal conductivity instruments from June 9, 2020 (English)

LINSEIS Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) Tester from July 16, 2020 (English)

LINSEIS Thermal Conductivity Instruments from July 22, 2020 (English)

New Linseis THB Basic/Advance/Ultimate from May 3, 2021 (English)

We guide you through the jungle Thermal Conductivity from January 10, 2022 (English)

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM-Tester) from March 15, 2022 (English)

Thermal conductivity by material from June 14, 2022 (English)

Webinars: Thin film analyzer

Thermal conductivity and Electrical properties of Thin Films from July 9, 2020 (English)

TFA – Thin Film Analyzer physical properties Live Webinar from April 15, 2021 (English)

Webinars: Thermoelectric properties

Thermoelectric Overview from September 12, 2019 (English)

Thermoelectrics Live Webinar from March 9, 2021 (English)

Thermoelectric Basics Webinar from May 10, 2022 (English)

Webinars: Other topics of thermal analysis

Specific heat (Cp) Measurement Live Webinar from January 27, 2021 (English)

Characterization of high temperature materials from February 9, 2021 (English)

Water Vapor and Humidity Live Webinar from September 14, 2021 (English)

Optimal plastics for 3D printing from October 5, 2021 (English)

Curing in thermal analysis from November 9, 2021 (English)

Hydrogen technology in thermal Analysis from April 11, 2022 (English)

Specific Heat Determination in Thermal Analysis Webinar from April 26, 2022 (English)

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