Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer

Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer from UHV up to 1000 bar

Linseis offers a wide range of Gravimetric Sorption Analyzers (GSA). Our integrated solution offers the ability to independently software control the pressure, temperature and gas dosing. We offer two different balance mechanisms, a mechanically connected taught band microbalance and a Magnetic Suspension Balance offering a unique hermetically sealed reactor for highly reactive gases.

A large range of reactors from -196°C to 1800°C and ultra-high vacuum to 350 bar are available. An optional TG-DSC Thermogravimetry – Differential Scanning Calorimetry measuring head allows the simultaneous determination of weight change and caloric reactions in one run.

Linseis offers the broadest range of Sorption Analyzers for numerous applications such as:

  • Gas Sorption
  • Vapor Sorption
  • Mixed Gas Sorption
  • Dynamic Vapor Sorption
  • Breakthrough Curves
  • Corrosive and or Toxic Gases
  • Pressure TGA or TG-DSC


  • Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer (GSA)
  • Market leading precision, accuracy and repeatability
  • From vacuum up to 10 bar
  • -150 up to 1000°C and RT up to 1000/1750°C


GSA PT 100

GSA PT 100
  • High temperature and high pressure Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer (GSA)
  • Unique Magnetic Levitation Balance, seperating balance and reactor
  • Selection of different gas and vapor dosing systems
  • Temperature range: -196 up to 2400°C
  • From vacuum up to 150 bar


GSA PT 1000

GSA PT 1000
  • Worlds only Gravimetric Sorption Anaylzer (GSA) including a DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter)
  • Combined Gravimetric and Calorimetric Signal
  • Selection of Vapor and Gas Dosing Accessories
  • Temperature range: RT up to 1100/1550/1800°C
  • From Vacuum up to 150 bar


Application areas:

  • Gas Sorption Analysis
  • Sorption Enthalpies (Simultaneous TG/DSC- sensor)
  • Density Determination
  • Gas Storage
  • Zeolites
  • Catalysts
  • In-situ Gas Analysis (FTIR, Raman, ELIF)
  • Kinetic Analysis
  • Corrosive Atmospheres – Magnetic Suspension Balance
  • Adsorption Isotherms (BET Surface Analysis)
  • TPD, TPO, TPR measurements (-196 to 1800°C)

Measuring Ranges:

GSA Messbereich



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