LFA 1000 Laser Flash Apparatus (Thermal Conductivity / Diffusivity)

LFA 1000 - High performance Laser Flash measurements

LFA 1000 Laserflash Apparatus (Thermal Conductivity / Diffusivity)

Information of the thermo physical properties of materials and heat transfer optimization of final products is becoming more and more vital for industrial applications. Over the past few decades, the flash method has developed into the most commonly used technique for the measurement of the thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of various kinds of solids, powders and liquids.

The Linseis LFA 1000 Laser Flash is the most modular and precise Instrument for the determination of Thermal Diffusivity, Conductivity and Specific Heat Values. Its sample robot for up to 3 , 6 or 18 Samples at the same time allows unbeaten turnaround times. The three user exchangeable furnaces allow measurements from -125 up to 2800°C.

A number of different sample holders for applications such as solids, liquids, melts and slags are available. The compact design allows the separation of hardware and electronics as well as the installation under a hood for nuclear applications.


    Model: LFA 1000LFA 1000/2000
    Temperature range*: -125 up to 500°C RT up to 2000°C
      RT up to 1250°C RT up to 2800°C
      RT up to 1600°C 
    Pulse source Nd: Ng:YAG Laser 25 J/pulse Ng:YAG Laser 25 J/pulse
    Measurement of temp. rise: Contact less with IR detector (InSb or MCT)   Contact less with IR detector (InSb or MCT)  
    Measuring range th. diffusivity: 0.01 mm2/s ... 1000 mm2/s 0.01 mm2/s ... 1000 mm2/s
    Measuring range th. conductivity:  0.1 W/mk ... 2000 W/mK 0.1 W/mk ... 2000 W/mK
    Sample dimensions: ∅ 3, 6, 10, 12.7 ... 25.4 mm, 
    square samples 10x10 or 20x 20 mm
    ∅ 6, 10, 12.7 ... 25.4 mm, 
    square samples 10x10 or 20x20 mm
    Sample Thickness: 0.1 mm ... 6 mm  0.1 mm ... 6 mm 
    Nr. of Samples: Sample robot for up to 3, 6, or 18 samples Sample robot for up to 3 samples
    Sample holder: metal/SiC/Graphite metal/SiC/Graphite
    Sample holder for liquids: available available
    Atmospheres: inert, oxidizing, reducing, vacuum inert, oxidizing, reducing, vacuum
    Electronics: Integrated Integrated
    Data acquisition: 2 MHz2MHz
    Interface: USB USB

     *all furnaces are user exchangeable

      All thermo analytical devices of LINSEIS are PC controlled, the individual software modules exclusively run under Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. The complete software consists of 3 modules: temperature control, data acquisition and data evaluation. The Linseis 32 - bit software encounters all essential features for measurement preparation, execution and evaluation, just like with other thermo analytical experiments.

      LFA Features

      • Precise pulse length correction, pulse mapping
      • Heat-loss corrections
      • Analysis of 2- or 3-layers systems 
      • Wizard for selection of the perfect evaluation model 
      • Specific heat determination
      • Contact resistance determination in multi-layer systems

      Evaluation Software

      • Automatic or manual input of related measurement data (density, specific heat)
      • Model wizard for selection of the appropriate model
      • Finite pulse correction
      • Heat loss correction
      • Multilayer model
      • Determination of contact resistance
      • Cp (Specific Heat) determination by comparative method

      Measurement Software

      • Easy and user-friendly data input for temperature segments, gases etc.
      • Controllable sample robot
      • Software automatically displays corrected measurements after the energy pulse
      • Fully automated measurement procedure for multi sample measurements


        Ceramic/Glass/Building Materials, Metals/Alloys, Inorganics


        Ceramics, Building Materials and Glass Industry, Automotive / Aviation / Aerospace, Power Generation / Energy, Research, Development and Academia, Metals / Alloys Industry, Electronics Industry

        Application Example: Copper / Aluminum

        The pure metals Copper and Aluminum are used in this example to demonstrate the performance of the Linseis Laser Flash device. The measurement results of the two materials are compared with literature values. The measured results vary within 2% of the given literature values; this demonstrates the excellent performance of the instrument.

        Pyroceram 9606

        Standard Laser Flash reference material Pyroceram 9606. Military – transparent to radar Tops for hot plates and stirrers. Unlike metal tops, glass ceramic is easy to clean, highly resistant to scratches, corrosion and chemical attack.

        Isotropic Graphite (AIST)

        This graph shows the Thermal Diffusivity values measured on a Linseis LFA 1000 compared to the values measured at AIST* Japan. The literature values of the used Isotropic Graphite from AIST* the measured results on the LFA 1000 vary by less than 2%. *(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)



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