News List

New LFA 500 Light Flash

Exciting new features with the all new LFA 500.


NEW - Linseis Hall Effect Measurement System - L79/HCS

Hall Coefficient measurement from LN up to 240°C. Maximum field strength up to 1T.

NEW - Cryostatic Low Temperature Option for L75 Dilatometer & TMA PT

Linseis Presents its new low temperature option for the L75 PT Vertical Dilatometer & TMA PT 1000 Thermomechanical Analyzer

NEW - Differential Scanning Calorimeter Linseis DSC PT1000 Series

NEW Sensor, for the highest sensitivity and resolution Differential Scanning Calorimeter

NEW - Refurbished Thermobalance - TGA PT1000

New sample robot - improved furnace up to 1100°C

LSR-3 - NEW Furnace Option

High Temperature Furnace Option - 1500°C

New product - Linseis L75/HP

The new L75 HP - High pressure Dilatometer

New Product Line - Linseis GSA PT Series

We proudly present the Linseis GSA PT Series

- Gravimetric Sorption Analyzers

TFA - Thin Film LaserFlash Apparatus

LINSEIS presents NEW TFA LaserFlash!

L74 Optical Dilatometer CTE

Linseis proudly prensents his new developement - the L74 optical Dilatometer