Application Library for Thermal analysis

Measuring instruments from LINSEIS test the thermal properties of a wide variety of materials in a wide variety of industries. The collected applications were measured and evaluated in our laboratory or by our customers. The application reports are currently available in English, partly also in German. External links are regularly checked by us. Should one of the links not work, the application measurement on the external website has been removed.

The following applications are divided into device groups. Please click on the corresponding button to go directly to the overview.

Thermal Analysis: DSC, TGA, STA, DIL

Application Instrument Published
Thermal analysis of butter and margarine Chip-DSC 10 evaluation (PDF), measured curve (PNG)
Thermal analysis of chocolate Chip-DSC 10 evaluation (PDF), measured curve (PNG)
Thermal analysis of Cholesterol Chip-DSC 100 evaluation (PDF), measured curve (PNG)
Thermal analysis with color change Chip-DSC 1 evaluation (PDF)
Gamma-ray interaction with copper-doped bismuth–borate glasses DIL L74 Optical Physica B: Condensed Matter, Vol. 391
Effects of milling time on the development of porosity in Cu by the
reduction of CuO
DIL L74 Optical Download Paper
Influence on martensite‐start‐temperature and volume expansion of low‐transformation‐temperature materials used for residual stress relief in beam welding DIL L78 Q Materials Science & Engineering Vol. 48
Sinter hardening material solutions for high performance applications DIL L78 Q Download Paper

Thermal Conductivity: LFA, THB, HFM

Application Instrument Published
Influence of radiation-crosslinking on flame retarded polymer materials—How crosslinking disrupts the barrier effect LFA Radiation Physics and Chemistry Vol. 106
Influence of multiwall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) dispersion on ignition of poly(dimethylsiloxane)–MWCNT composites LFA Polymer for Advanced Technologies Vol. 26
Phase evolution and thermoelectric performance of calcium cobaltite upon high temperature aging LFA Ceramics International Vol. 41
3D Printing Fabrication of Amorphous Thermoelectric Materials with Ultralow Thermal Conductivity LFA + LSR-3 Nano, Micro, Small Vol. 11
A Unified Approach to Determining the Effective Physicomechanical Characteristics of Filled Polymer Composites Based on Variational Principles THB Mechanics of Composite Materials
The experimental exploration of nano-Si3N4/paraffin on thermal behavior of phase change materials THB Thermochimica Acta Vol. 597

Thermoelectrics: LSR, Hall, LZT, TEG

Application Instrument Published
High-temperature stability of thermoelectric Ca3Co4O9 thin films LSR-3 Applied Physics Letter Vol.106
Vacancy filling effect in thermoelectric NbO LSR-3 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter Vol. 27
3D Printing Fabrication of Amorphous Thermoelectric Materials with Ultralow Thermal Conductivity LFA + LSR-3 Nano, Micro, Small Vol. 11

Thin Film Analysis: TFA, TF-LFA

Application Instrument Published
Thermal Conductivity of Au and Ti Nanofilms TFA Materials Today Proceeding Vol. 8
Thermoelectric characterization of Bi87Sb13 thin films with varying thickness TFA Semiconductor Science and Technology Vol. 33
Thermoelectric characterization of spin coated PEDOT:PSS films with varying thickness TFA PSS applications and material science Vol. 215
Heat transport across phase interface in silica aerogel/polymethyl methacrylate composites TF-LFA Polymer Testing Vol. 76