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Linseis offers a wide range of Gravimetric Sorption Analyzers. Our integrated solution offers the ability to independently software control the pressure, temperature and gas dosing. Our GSA PT 10 line is based on the standard linseis microbalance design. This ultra sensitive microbalance is available in two version 0,1 / 1ug for 5 / 25 g sample weight. A number of environmental chambers are available for operations from -150 up to 1750°C and UHV (ultra high vacuum) to 10 bar.

An optional TG-DSC Thermogravimetry – Differential Scanning Calorimetry measuring head allows the simultaneous determination of weight change and caloric reactions in one run. Optional gas and vapor dosing systems as well as residual gas analysis is available.

Vapors and gases that can be used include: Alcohols, Hydrocarbons, Aromatics, Hydrogen, Water, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon oxides, etc.

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Model GSA PT 10 
Temperature range:  -150 bis 500°C
RT bis 1000/1750°C
Sample mass: bis 5/25g
Resolution: 0.1/0.5 ug
Vacuum: bis 10E-5 mbar
Pressure: bis 2/5 bar
Sensors: TG
Sensor material: E/K/S/B
Electronic: integrated
Interface: USB


Tiegel Linseis Turbo Pumpe

  • Software for determination of calculated DTA signal
  • Different types of vacuum and turbo molecular pumps
  • Selection of manual, semi-automatic and automatic (MFC) Gas control boxes
  • Broad range of crucibles (gold, silver, platinum, quartz glass, alumina oxide, aluminum, high pressure stainless steel, etc.)
  • different measuring systems
  • Optional Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)


All LINSEIS thermo analytical instruments are PC controlled. The individual software modules exclusively run under Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. The complete software consists of 3 modules: temperature control, data acquisition and data evaluation. The 32 bit software incorporates all essential features for measurement preparation, execution, and evaluation of a STA measurement. Thanks to our specialists and application experts, LINSEIS was able to develop comprehensive easy to understand user friendly application software.

TG – Features

  • Mass change as % and mg
  • Rate Controlled Mass Loss
  • Evaluation of mass loss
  • Residue mass evaluation

General Features

  • Program capable of text editing
  • Data security in case of power failure
  • Thermocouple break protection
  • Repetition measurements with minimum parameter input
  • Evaluation of current measurement
  • Curve comparison up to 32 curves
  • Storage and export of evaluations
  • Export and import of data ASCII
  • Data export to MS Excel
  • Multi-methods analysis (DSC TG, TMA, DIL, etc.)
  • Zoom function
  • 1 and 2 derivation
  • Programmable gas control
  • Statistical evaluation package
  • Free scaling


Application Areas

  • Gas Sorption Analysis
  • Sorption Enthalpies (Simultaneous TG/DSC-Sensor)
  • Density Determination
  • Gas Storage
  • Zeolites
  • Catalysts
  • In-situ Gas Analysis (FTIR, Raman, ELIF)
  • Kinetic Analysis
  • Corrosive Atmospheres – Magnetic Suspension Balance
  • Adsorption Isotherms (BET Surface Analysis)
  • TPD, TPO, TPR measurements (-196 to 1800 °C)
Application example: Desorption of Hydrogen of TiH2



GSA Product brochure

 GSA Product brochure ENG (PDF)