Linseis Thermal Analysis - Our goal is technological leadership

LINSEIS offers first-class products in a number of innovative industry sectors since many years. We are driven by innovation and a close contact to the scientific community.

The thermal analysis division produces the complete range of thermal analytical instruments for research and quality control in the plastics sector, the chemical industry, the field of inorganic and building materials as well as environmental analytics and equipment for determination of thermophysical properties of solids, melts and fluids.

The properties like heat flow (DSC), mass change (TGA), change of dimension (TMA), change of volume (DIL), thermal conductivity & thermal diffusivity (LFA), Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistivity (LSR) of materials are studied as they change with temperature.

Our claim is the technological leadership. We develop and produce thermoanalytical and thermophysical devices of highest quality and precision. Our power of innovation and uncompromising quality standards make us a world leader in thermal analysis.

The development and manufacturing of thermoanalytical instruments requires dedicated research and a high level of precision. Developing high quality equipment, service, and support guidelines provides multiple benefits for our customer base.

From the beginning, customer orientation, innovation, flexibility and quality were the main objectives and thanks to their implementation LINSEIS enjoys an excellent reputation among globally active companies and universities in Europe, America and Asia.