STA HP 1 – Heat of Adsorption – HP HDSC

Platinum catalyst – Hydrogen adsorption – Gravimetric sorption

The measurement of sorption performed with volumetric methods normally gives no information about heat flow and enthalpy. If the heat of sorption is of interest, a second experiment is needed.

The Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer (High Pressure TG-DSC), which measures both weight change (TGA Thermogravimetry) and (DSC) Differential Scanning Calorimetry– signal, provides a much faster alternative. Within one experiment, the sorption capacity as well as heat of sorption can be measured.

App. Nr. 02-017-001 STA HP1 Heat of Adsorption- HP HDSC

App. Nr. 02-017-001 STA HP1 Heat of Adsorption- HP HDSC

The figure above shows the DSC- measurement-part of the adsorption of Hydrogen on a Pt/Al catalyst at a pressure of 15 bar and a temperature of 80°C. The evolved heat is 30,5 J/g.

The heat of sorption was directly determined during the sorption experiment and shows a clear peak. In the curve above, the time from hydrogen introduction to sorption reaction was monitored to show how fast the sample interacts with the atmosphere.

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