STA PT 1600 (TG-DSC)

Simultaneous Thermogravimetry and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (TG – DSC) – High Pressure ability


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The STA PT 1600 is the high end Simultaneous Thermobalance (TG+DSC) from LINSEIS. The system offers unparalleled TG and DSC resolution in combination with the highest vacuum capabilities and TG drift stability.

The TG-DSC is modular with many exchangeable furnaces (-150°C up to 2400°C), different measuring systems and crucibles. The coupling ability and many optional accessories guarantee the perfect setup for every application.

There are three versions of balances available: they differ by the maximum sample mass (5 to 50g) and the resolution (0.025 to 0.1ug).

Linseis STA System - TGA-DSC

Benefits of the vertical top loading design of the STA

The vertical “sample on top” design of the LINSEIS TG-DSC provides highest possible accuracy due to a stable position of the sample and easy sample handling.

Vertical system (sample on top) – LINSEIS configuration
• Easy sample handling
• Easy exchange of sample holder
• Stable position of the sample in the furnace (critical for good DTA/DSC and Cp results)

• Complicated construction

STA Measuring System - vertical top loading design

Vertical top loading design


Model STA PT 1600*
Temperature range:  RT up to 1600°C
Price range: $$
Heating rates: 0.1 up to 50°C/min (depends on furnace)
Sample weight: 5 / 25 / 35 g
Resolution: 0,1 / 0,5 ug
Vacuum: 10-5 mbar
Pressure: optional 5 bar
Cooling rates: < 15min (1000°C – 100°C)
Detector: TG
Sensor: E/K/S/B/C (C = DTA only)
Electronics: integrated
Interface: USB

*The specifications depend on the selected furnace and special configurations

There are three different models of STA PT 1600 available:


STA PT 1600/1

The highest resolution 0.025 μg balance for small sample quantities allows the detection of very small effects with highest accuracy.

STA PT 1600/2

The standard model covers a broad application range with excellent resolution 0.1 μg and accuracy.

STA PT 1600/3

The high mass variant allows measuring samples with big volumes or weight 35/50g to determine even small effects within a big amount of inhomogeneous material.

Accessoires for TG-DSC

Linseis STA sensor overview

Linseis STA Overview crucibles

Furnace Program for TG-DSC

Temperature range Type Element Atmosphere TC-Type
-150 – -500°C L81/264 Kanthal inert, oxid., red., vac. K
-150 – 1000°C L81/264ER Kanthal inert, oxid., red., vac. K
RT – 1000°C L81/220 Kanthal inert, oxid., red., vac. K
RT – 1200°C L81/IR IR Heater inert, oxid., red., vac. S
RT – 1500°C L81/230Pt Precious Metal inert, oxid., vac. S
RT – 1600°C L81/240 SiC inert, oxid., vac. S
RT – 1650°C L81/240Rh Precious Metal inert, oxid., vac. B
RT – 1750°C L81/250 MoSi2 inert, oxid., vac. B
RT – 2000°C L81/260 Graphite inert., red. C
RT – 2400°C L81/260 Graphite inert., red. C
Special furnaces
RT – 1600/1750°C L81/240/250 WV SiC/MoSi2 water vapor furnace
RT – 1100/1600°C L81/IR/HF IR/HF high speed furnaces up to


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STA – customizations

Linseis manufactures also tailor made instruments according to customers needs, e.g.:

  • Inductive or IR Heater
    Inductive or IR heater and standard furnace for extremely fast and accurate heating and cooling
  • Separated Electronics
    Instruments for use in gloveboxes (e.g. for nuclear applications)
  • Vacuum & Pressure
    With vacuum and/or pressure regulation to run measurements under defined pressure conditions
  • Water vapor
Thermal Analysis for Nuclear applications
STA for nuclear applications

STA for nuclear: The Separation of control electronics and analyzer unit like it is required for the examination of radioactive or toxic materials in a glove box or hot cell


All LINSEIS thermo analytical instruments are PC controlled. The individual software modules exclusively run under Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. The complete software consists of 3 modules: temperature control, data acquisition and data evaluation. The 32 bit software incorporates all essential features for measurement preparation, execution, and evaluation of a STA measurement. Thanks to our specialists and application experts, LINSEIS was able to develop comprehensive easy to understand user friendly application software.


STA Software von Linseis

General Features

  • Program capable of text editing
  • Data security in case of power failure
  • Thermocouple break protection
  • Repetition measurements with minimum parameter input
  • Evaluation of current measurement
  • Curve comparison up to 32 curves
  • Storage and export of evaluations
  • Export and import of data ASCII
  • Data export to MS Excel
  • Multi-methods analysis (DSC TG, TMA, DIL, etc.)
  • Zoom function
  • 1 and 2 derivation
  • Programmable gas control
  • Statistical evaluation package
  • Free scaling

TG – Features

HT-DSC – Features

  • Glass transition temperature
  • Curve subtraction
  • Complex peak evaluation
  • Multipoint calibration for sample temperature
  • Multipoint calibration for change of enthalpy
  • Cp calibration for heat flow
  • Signal-steered measuring procedures


Applications example: Decomposition of Calcium Oxalate monohydrate CaC2O4 under Argon Atmosphere

The evolved gases from the decomposition of Calcium Oxalate have been fed into the Mass Spectrometer with a heated capillary. The ion currents for mass numbers 18 (water), 28 (carbon monoxide) and 44 (carbon dioxide) have been imported into the graph.

STa Applikation: Dekomposition von Calcium Oxalate Monohydrat CaC2O4 unter Argon-Atmosphäre



Linseis Produktbroschüre STA

STA Product Brochure (PDF)