Henze Boron Nitride Products AG measures with THB 100

Measurement of thermal conductivity

The Henze BNP AG, is a company specialising in boron nitrides, invested in THB 100, one of our measuring instruments which achieves the highest measuring accuracy for thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity.

With our measuring device HENZ BNP now carries out measurements on boron nitride filled plastic. In a short time, very accurate measurement results on thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity as well as specific heat capacity of solids, pastes or liquids can be researched.

For filled plastics with boron nitride, the thermal conductivity strongly depends on the properties of the base powder.
For the analysis, high measurement accuracies and fast measurement cycles are required due to the different particle size distributions and the specific surfaces of the base powders. The THB 100 at HENZE BNP is a significant component for further product developments and qualifications.