Chip-DSC 10 – UV curing of polymers – resin curing

Polymer sample – Resin curing – UV / LED curing

The Chip-DSC in combination with an UV/LED source is a powerful tool for the characterization of fast photocurable resin systems [L. Gonzales, University of Bayreuth].

As the Chip-DSC allows optical access to the sample during the measurement, it can be equipped with optical detectors such as cameras and spectrometers but also with lamps like UV/LED systems for curing and hardening experiments, allowing to simulate curing processes in the DSC crucible.

App. Nr. 02-011-005 Chip DSC 10 – UV curing of polymers – resin curing

App. Nr. 02-011-005 Chip DSC 10 – UV curing of polymers – resin curing

In this specific case, a mixture of a photocurable acrylate and thermally curable epoxy was used and around 10 mg of material was placed in an open crucible on a Chip DSC 10 / photo DSC and irradiated with several UV light pulses until no change in peak area was detected.

The difference between the first irradiation peak and the last one, (when the area under the peak reaches a plateau, thus it is assumed that no reaction is taking place), is calculated to determine the heat of reaction and enthalpy for the UV-curing part, and to derive a conversion curve.

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