EGA Evolved Gas Analysis – In-Situ

Evolved Gas Analysis – In-Situ (EGA)


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Possible Techniques:

  • FTIR: Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy: Measurement of basic and trace gas components until ppm range (for example H2O, CO2, CO, H2S…). Polar Molecules are necessary.
  • Raman-Spectroscopy: Measurement of basic gas components. Also not polar molecules like H2 or N2 are measurable.
  • ELIF: Excimer Laser induced Fragmentation Fluorescence: UV-Laser-based Method of Measuring of gaseous alkaline compounds (for example NaCI, NaOH, KCI, KOH). Also at 193 nm an entry through UV_Saphire is possible.



Advantages of the optical In-Situ window:

  • No Cooling / Modification of the measuring gas (for example no out-condensation, no transition reaction, no equilibrium shift)
  • Many materials with high condensation temperature for example alkali metals (Na, K and their combinations) are now able to be measured, heated capillary only suitable for some 200 – 250°C, the optical port allows measurement until 1600°C
  • No intervention into the measuring system (for example when pulling gas by vacuum)
  • No contamination of the measuring gas in the capillary to M/S or FTIR
  • Real-time online-Measurement (no dead time until measuring volume enters the measuring instrument


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