Patent for the Chip-DSC

The Chip-DSC is now protected by patent.

The result of this development is a small, easy-to-use and cost-effective measuring cell for a full-fledged differential scanning calorimeter.

Novelty of the new chip technology is the combination of all components of a DSC, sample and reference sensors as well as heaters in one ceramic monolith. It is the only chip DSC sensor in the world with an integrated heater and heat flux sensor. Since then, unmatched heating and cooling rates and time constant. As a result, the measuring cell of the calorimeter could be minimized and the dynamics significantly increased.

The exceptional cooling rate comes from the “low mass” chip sensor. Due to a low mass of our sensor, unmatched cooling rates can be achieved, resulting in new applications and higher sample throughput.

The sensor can be used in all three instruments, Chip-DSC 1, Chip-DSC 10, Chip-DSC 100