Innovation in rubber and elastomer measurement technology with Linseis THB

The future of rubber and elastomer measurement

We are proud to announce an exciting development in the world of elastomer and rubber measurement technology. Our Italian distributor has recently published an article in the prestigious publication ‘L’Industria Della Gomma’ highlighting the ground-breaking advances in this field.

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The article, which can be found on page 46 of the magazine, covers the fascinating topic of ‘Measuring the conductivity and thermal conductivity of elastomers and rubber’. This article dives deep into the world of rubber and elastomer research and reveals the latest findings in this field.

One of the most exciting developments highlighted in the article is the use of Linsei’s Transient Hot Bridge, or THB, measurement method. This advanced technology enables not only the precise measurement of the thermal conductivity of elastomers and rubber, but also the determination of the thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity for a wide range of materials. The Linseis THB promises to revolutionize the future of materials research and product development in these areas.

Versatile applications in various industries

Linseis THB

Elastomers and rubber are extremely versatile materials that are widely used in various industries, including the automotive, food and chemical industries. Understanding their thermal properties, especially thermal conductivity, is crucial for the development of high-performance products in these sectors. Advances in measurement technology, as represented by the THB, promise to take product development and quality assurance in these industries to the next level.

Read more about these exciting developments and the Transient Hot Bridge (THB) in the full article on page 46 of ‘L’Industria Della Gomma’.