A life with Linseis Messgeräte GmbH Selb

Retired after 36 years

In 1986, Mr. Reißmann joined the company Linseis Messgeräte GmbH in Selb as a freshly graduated engineer. Since that time, he has been in charge of several important areas. At that time, the company was still managed by Dr. Linseis and his wife.

He spent the first years supporting the recorder and data acquisition business, which was very strong at that time. That was the beginning of extensive digitization in data recording, which until then had been completely analog on paper.
From then on, he continued to be involved with digitizing all of our data capture projects. One was building stand alone acquisition hardware, which was then connected with a plug-in card or other digital connection to the computers that were common at the time, such as the Apple 2E.

Following this time, he started to plan special devices with customers and then install them worldwide. In this context, he traveled to more than 30 countries all over the world in order to install the measuring devices for thermal analysis built by Linseis in Germany, which were originally developed by Dr. Maximilian Linseis, and to instruct the customers on the devices.
Very often he was in the USA to install orders of the company Linseis Inc USA. He was also often on the road in China, where Linseis now has a company in Shanghai, Korea, India and South Africa, as well as many European countries.

Especially in countries like India, one had to be very flexible at that time, in order to bring the very different conditions there, as well as the other social, cultural and catering conditions to a good result.
After he had done this intensive traveling for many years, during which he was able to put his extensive knowledge and his good training to good use, it was agreed that he would use his broad knowledge for the rest of his time at the main plant in Selb.

Here he was mainly involved in the design and development of special machines.
This resulted in many customer contacts worldwide, with specialists who were always happy to contact him and benefit from his knowledge.

We wish Mr. Reißmann health, happiness and satisfaction for his retirement and thank him for the long time he was loyal to us.

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