TIM-Tester – Vespel – Thermal Conductivity

Polymer – Thermal Conductivity

Vespel™ is a high-performance polymer which is suited for extreme thermal, electrical and mechanical stress. Dimensional and thermal stability, low thermal and electrical conductivity, excellent wear and bearing properties, and chemical and radiation resistance are some of its remarkable properties. Advantageous is also that many components can be made lighter and more resistant with Vespel than with conventional metals, ceramics and polymers. Vespel has various applications and is mostly used in aerospace, semiconductor and automotive technology.

App. Nr. 02-008-002 TIM-Tester – Vespel – Thermal Conductivity

App. Nr. 02-008-002 TIM-Tester – Vespel – Thermal Conductivity

A 25 mm x 25 mm Vespel sample was measured with the TIM-Tester in the temperature range from 40 °C to 150 °C using a constant contact pressure of 1 MPa. The thermal conductivity increases with temperature as it is expected from literature.

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The LINSEIS TIM-Tester (Thermal Interface Material Tester) measures the thermal impedance of sample materials and identifies an apparent thermal conductivity for a wide range of materials