LSR – Copper – Electric conductivity

Electrical conductivity measurement of a Metal

Copper is a metal with a very high electric conductivity and is therefore used in applications like power cables, especially as its price is lower than that of alternative materials with comparable conductivity, like silver (Ag).

App. Nr. 02-009-005 LSR – Copper – Electric conductivity

App. Nr. 02-009-005 LSR – Copper – Electric conductivity

As copper is highly conductive, the measurement of the materials electrical resistivity can get challenging. As the voltage drop along the sample is small for this material, a flexible measurement configuration in terms of geometry (long and thin samples are preferred) and measurement current (maximum measurement current should be large) are important.

The graph shows the measurement of a highly conductive copper alloy measure with the Linseis LSR-3 platform.  Thanks to the adjustable probe distance and sample geometry, and the highly capable LINSEIS measurement electronic with of up to 160 mA, it was possible to measure even this challenging sample with high accuracy.

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