LSR-1 – Constantan – Seebeck effect

Measurement example of constantan

The LSR-1 works with the following measuring principle: The temperature of the sample is controlled by a embedded heater inside the sample holder. So the environmental temperature can be cooled down to about -160°C. That makes Seebeck coefficient measurement possible down to -150°C and up to 180°C.

The TC wires touch the sample orthogonally to the direction of temperature gradient. Both contact spots should share the same temperature. Using this method the sample surface temperature is measured instead of the temperature of a TC bead pressed to the sample surface. This way it is also irrelevant if the temperature of the sample surface is affected by the TC wires transferring heat from/towards the sample.

App. Nr. 002-009-006 LSR 1 - Seebeck effect - constantan

App. Nr. 002-009-006 LSR 1 – Seebeck effect – constantan

Seebeck coefficient measurement example of constantan.

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  • Determination of Seebeck effect/voltage
  • Fast measurement
  • – 150 °C up to 180 °C temperature range
  • Ideal for thin films or thin foils