Determination of Glass Temperature TG

Determination of Glass Temperature TG by Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

The glass temperature or glass transition temperature TG is the point on temperature axis where a polymer, glass or metal gets a rubber-like, viscous state what is not the same as the melting point.

Especially for polymers the glass temperature is a characteristic parameter. The glass transition of polymers is not a real phase transition because only a small part of the sample changes its structure. In detail, some polymer chains become mobile but without getting to the complete molten state where the molecules are free to move in every direction.

Due to the fact that the glass temperature can’t be assigned to one certain point but is depending on the measurement method and environmental conditions it is important to have some standard procedures to control the experiment setup.

With the Linseis DSC we are able to set various atmospheres, temperature ranges and pressures to determine the glass temperature of different materials very accurately. The high precision and resolution of our novel sensors are very useful to detect this often small and easy to miss effect that is usually only a small change in the slope of the DSC curve. And finally, the combination with our appropriate software makes a reliable evaluation possible.