STA PT1600 TG-DSC/DTA (STA Simultaneous Thermal Analysis)

Simultaneous Thermogravimetry - Differential Scanning Calorimetry - STA (TG - DSC/DTA) - High Pressure ability

STA PT 1600린세이스사의 열중량/시차열/시차주사열량 동시분석기중 최상위 모델로, 고진공과 안정된 열중량 측정 안정성과 함께 초고감도 TG/DSC 측정결과 제공합니다. 또한, 가열로 교체가 쉽도록 디자인하여 -150도부터 2400도까지 측정이 가능하며, 각종 추가 장비를 연결하여 다양한 응용이 가능하도록 완벽하게 제작 되었습니다.


STA PT 1600/1

극미량의 시료측정이 가능한 초고감도 저울[0.025ug] 채용


STA PT 1600/2

표준 모델로 광범위한 용용 분야에 사용 가능한 고감도 저울[0.1ug] 채용


STA PT 1600/3

고용량/비균질 시료 측정이 가능한 저울[최고35g/50g] 채용



수직 top loading 방식의 장점

린세이스 열중량 분석기의 top loading 디자인은 측정을 위한 시료의 위치가  안정적인며, 다루기 쉽고, 측정의 정확도가 높습니다.

수직 장치[시료가 상단에 위치]

린세이스사의 구성


  • 쉬운 시료장착
  • 쉬운 측정부품 교체
  • 가열로 내의 안정적인 시료의 위치

(DTA/DSC/Cp 결과에 매우 중요함)


복잡한 제작 공정



    [Translate to Korea:]

    Model: STA PT1600 (HP)  STA PT1600 (HP) HiRes
    Temperature range: -150 up to 500/1000°C -150 up to 500/1000°C
       RT - 1000/1400/1600/ 1750/2000/2400°C   RT - 1000/1400/1600/ 1650/1750/2000/2400°C 
    Sample mass: up to 25g up to 5g
    Resolution: 0.5 ug 0.025 ug
    Vacuum: 10E-5mbar 10E-5mbar
    Pressure: optional 2/5 bar optional 2/5 bar
    Sensors: TG TG
      TG – DTA TG – DTA
      TG – DSC TG – DSC
    Sensor Material: E/K/S/B E/K/S/B
    Electronics: Integrated Integrated
    Interface: USB USB

      [Translate to Korea:] All LINSEIS thermo analytical instruments are PC controlled. The individual software modules exclusively run under Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. The complete software consists of 3 modules: temperature control, data acquisition and data evaluation. The 32 bit software incorporates all essential features for measurement preparation, execution, and evaluation of a STA measurement. Thanks to our specialists and application experts, LINSEIS was able to develop comprehensive easy to understand user friendly application software.

      General Features

      • Program capable of text editing
      • Data security in case of power failure
      • Thermocouple break protection
      • Repetition measurements with minimum parameter input
      • Evaluation of current measurement
      • Curve comparison up to 32 curves
      • Storage and export of evaluations
      • Export and import of data ASCII
      • Data export to MS Excel
      • Multi-methods analysis (DSC TG, TMA, DIL, etc.)
      • Zoom function
      • 1 and 2 derivation
      • Programmable gas control
      • Statistical evaluation package
      • Free scaling

      TG – Features

      • Mass change as % and mg
      • Rate Controlled Mass Loss
      • Evaluation of mass loss
      • Residue mass evaluation

      HT-DSC – Features

      • Glass transition temperature
      • Curve subtraction
      • Complex peak evaluation
      • Multipoint calibration for sample temperature
      • Multipoint calibration for change of enthalpy
      • Cp calibration for heat flow
      • Signal-steered measuring procedures

        [Translate to Korea:]


        Ceramic/Glass/Building Materials, Metals/Alloys, Inorganics


        Ceramics, Building Materials and Glass Industry, Automotive / Aviation / Aerospace, Power Generation / Energy, Research, Development and Academia, Metals / Alloys Industry, Electronics Industry

        Decomposition of Calcium Oxalate monohydrate CaC2O4 under Argon Atmosphere

        The evolved gases from the decomposition of Calcium Oxalate have been fed into the Mass Spectrometer with a heated capillary. The ion currents for mass numbers 18 (water), 28 (carbon monoxide) and 44 (carbon dioxide) have been imported into the graph.

          [Translate to Korea:] Here is a short extract about our available accessories:

          • Software for determination of calculated DTA signal
          • Different types of vacuum and turbo molecular pumps
          • Selection of manual, semi-automatic and automatic (MFC) Gas control boxes
          • Broad range of crucibles (gold, silver, platinum, quartz glass, alumina oxide, aluminum, high pressure stainless steel, etc.)
          • different measuring systems
          • Optional Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)