LINSEIS Messgeräte GmbH, with an outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of thermo-physical and micro-mechanical measurement equipment, is ready to meet your physical property evaluation needs. No matter what your material testing requirements are, our experience and capabilities are ready to meet your requests. Test services can offer an economical alternative to equipment purchase. Test results are reported in tabular and graphical formats, with all test data files saved and provided to the customer at the completion of testing. Test turnaround times are usually less than 1 week with summary test results sent via email within hours of test completiont.

Testing Instructions:

It is necessary to have detailed information for a good and safe measurement. Please complete this form, and send it to us with your sample.



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Services offered by our Application Laboratory:

Measurement Results
Temperature Range
In accordance with the following standards
Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Phase transformation temperatures and enthalpies, specific heat


ASTM C 351,D 3417,
D 3418,D 3895,
D 4565,E 793,E 794
DIN 51004,51007, 53765,65467,
DIN EN 728,
ISO 10837,11357, 11409
Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) Phase transformation temperatures
ASTM C 351,D 3417,
D 3418, D 3895,
D 4565, E 793, E 794,
DIN 51004, 51007,
ISO 10837
Thermo-gravimetry (TGA, STA) Mass changes, corrosion, thermal stability
ASTM E 914,E 1131,
E 1868, DIN 51006
ISO 7111,11358
Gas analysis Characterization of gases emitted by means of MS or FTIR, coupled to a TG or STA
Dilatometry and TMA Dimensional changes, coefficients of expansion, density change
ASTM D 696,E 228,
E 831, E 1363,E 1545,
E 1824, DIN 53752

Laser Flash
Xenon Flash

Thermal conductivity and Thermal diffusivity
ASTM E 1461
DIN 30905
DIN EN 821
Seebeck effect Seebeck coefficient Electric Resistance