L79/HCS – Hall Effect Measurement System

Characterization of semiconductor devices


On point

The Linseis HCS System allows the characterization of semiconductor devices. It measures: Hall Constant, Hall Mobility, Sheet Resistance, Resistivity, Conductivity and Charge Carrier Concentration.

The roughed desktop setup offers different sample holders for various geometries and temperature requirements. An optional low temperature (LN2) attachment and a high temperature version up to 800°C ensure that all fields of application can be covered. Either a permanent or a water cooled electromagnet provide fixed or variable magnetic fields with a maximum flux density of +/- 1 Tesla.

The sample holder handle closes the measurement chamber vacuum tight. The measurement chamber is provided with a gas in and outlet, so measurements can be taken under controlled and changeable atmospheres. Different sample holders are available to take measurements from LN2 up to 800°C.

During a measurement the two magnetic circuits, assembled on a sledge, can be moved to change the magnetic flux from positive to zero and negative.

Hall Beschreibung

  • Resistivity and Conductivity
  • Hall Constant and Mobility
  • Charge Carrier Concentration
  • High Temperature Hall measurement
  • Easy Handling
  • Integrated device
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Model L79 HCS
Temperature range: From LN2 up to 800°C in different configurations
Input current: 5nA up to 125 mA
Hall tension: 1 µV up to 2500 µV
Digital resolution: 300 pV
Sample geometry: From 5 x 5 mm to 25 x 25 mm and up to 5 mm height
Magnetic field: Basic: Permanent magnet with up to 0.7 T
Pole diameter 90 mm
Two magnet setup for bipolar measurement.
Alt.: Electromagnet up to 1 T (variable field).
Pole diameter up to 76 mm.
Power supply 75A / 40V.
Current reversal switch for bipolar measurement
Sensors: different exchangeable sensor configurations available
Resistivity range: 10-4 up to 107 (Ohm*cm)
Carrier density: 107 up to 1021 (1/cm3)
Mobility range: 1 up to 107 (cm2/Volt sec)
Repeatability & Accuracy
Electrical Resistivity: ± 3% (for most materials)
± 6% (for most materials)
Hall Constant: ± 5% (for most materials)
± 6% (for most materials)
Atmospheres: Vacuum, inert, oxidizing, reducing


Extend your capabilities

  • Multiple sensors available for different
    • sample size.
    • temperature range.
  • Permanent- or Electromagnet available.
  • Quench cooling add-on for measurements at 80K.
  • KREG and Dewar for controlled LN2 cooling.
  • Motorized linear stage for automatized measurements.
  • Gas in- and outlet for defined atmospheres.



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