L79/HCS - Hall Effect Measurement System

L79/HCS - Hall Effect Measurement System

The L79/HCS System permits the characterization of semiconductor devices, it measures: mobility, resistivity, charge carrier concentration and Hall coefficient.

The roughed desktop setup offers different sample holders for various geometries and temperature requirements. An optional low temperature (LN2) attachment and a high temperature version up to 800°C ensure that all fields of application can be covered. Different permanent and electric magnets provide fixed or variable magnetic fields up to several Tesla.


The sample holder handle closes the measurement chamber vacuum tight. The measurement chamber is provided with a gas in and outlet, so measurements can be taken under controlled and changeable atmospheres. Different sample holders are available to take measurements from LN2 up to 800°C. Optionally the actual magnetic field strength can be measured up to 150°C. During a measurement the sample does not have to be moved, as the two magnetic circuits assembled on a sledge can be moved to change the magnetic flux from positive to zero and negative.


  • Fully compatible MS® Windows™ 32 – bit software
  • Data security in case of power failure
  • 2 Point contact check
  • Evaluation of current measurement
  • Easy storage and export of evaluations
  • Export and import of data ASCII
  • Data export to MS Excel

The system can be used to characterize various materials including Si, SiGe, SiC, GaAs, InGaAs, InP, GaN (N Type & P Type can be measured), metal layers, oxides, etc.. Sample testing can be performed to demonstrate the system´s capability.


  • Carrier concentration
  • Resisitivity
  • Mobility
  • Conductivity
  • Alpha (horizontal/vertical ration of resistance)
  • Hall Coefficient
  • Megnetoresistance


Temperature range:From LN2 up to 800°C in different configurations
Temp. resolution:0.05°C
Input current: 5nA up to 100mA
Hall tension: 1 µV up to 2500 mV
Max. resolution: 65 pV
Sample geometry:15x15, 20x20, 25x25mm, up to 5mm height
Magnetic field:

Permanent magnet 0.75 T

Pole diameter 90 mm

Two magnet setup for bipolar measurement.


Electromagnet up to 1.2 T.

Pole diameter up to 76 mm.

Power supply 75A / 40V.

Current reversal switch for bipolar measurement.

Sensors:different exchangeable sensor configurations abvailable
Resistivity range:10-4 up to 107 (Ohm/cm)
Mobility range:1 up to 107 (cm2/Volt sec)
Carrier Concentration:107 up to  1021 (cm-3)
Atmospheres:Vacuum, inert, oxidizing, reducing



Different Accessories are available for the Linseis L79/HCS:

  • Multiple sensors for different sample size.
  • Permanent- and Electromagnet available.