L75 / 120LT (DIL Dilatometer)

8 Sample Dilatometer (DIL)

Linseis L75 / 120LT Dilatometer (DIL Dilatometer) Dilatometry

The LINSEIS dilatometer L75/120LT was developed to measure the expansion of polymer samples. Hereby up to 8 different samples can be measured simultaneously in a temperature range of –40°C up to +160°C.

To cover the temperature range a commonly available climate chamber is used that incorporates a cooling generator and a heat source. The measuring sensors are mounted on top of the heat chamber and connect through a hole into the chamber. The complete arrangement is airtight, in order to avoid the intrusion of humidity into the measuring chamber.

Optionally a humidity chamber can be selected to control both temperature and humidity in the sample chamber. It is possible to connect a gas box to the measuring chamber. The temperature measurement is done by means of 4 thermocouples which are hanging always between 2 samples.

This arrangement enables to get a good temperature profile over the measuring chamber. The change of the length of the samples over the temperature change is measured with a LVDT sensor (linear variable differential transformer). This sensor has a very high resolution of 14nm (Nanometer) 10E-9. All 8 LVDT`s are connected to the data acquisition. The normally used polymer samples can have a length of 80 up to 100mm. The cross-section of the samples can be 4 x 10mm up to 15 x 15mm.


    Linear measurement range: +/-1300um(+/-0,5%FS)
    Resolution:    1.25 µm
    Measuring principle: LVDT (differential transformer)
    Automatic zero adjustment: Yes
    Sample load: (adjustable) 50 up to 500 mN
    Sample holder material: Fused Silica
    Sample dimension: 4 x 10 x 80 up to 100mm
    Temperature range: -40°C up to +160°C

      All LINSEIS thermo analytical instruments are PC controlled. The individual software modules exclusively run under Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. The complete software consists of 3 modules: temperature control, data acquisition and data evaluation. The 32 bit software incorporates all essential features for measurement preparation, execution, and evaluation of a Dilatometer measurement. Thanks to our specialists and application experts, LINSEIS was able to develop comprehensive easy to understand user friendly application software.

      General Features

      • Program capable of text editing
      • Data security in case of power failure
      • Thermocouple break protection
      • Repetition measurements with minimum parameter input
      • Evaluation of current measurement
      • Curve comparison up to 32 curves
      • Storage and export of evaluations
      • Export and import of data ASCII
      • Data export to MS Excel
      • Multi-methods analysis (DSC TG, TMA, DIL, etc.)
      • Zoom function
      • 1 and 2 derivation
      • Programmable gas control
      • Statistical evaluation package
      • Free scaling


      • Display of relative/absolute shrinkage or expansion curves
      • Presentation and calculation of technical / physical expansion coefficient
      • Semiautomatic evaluation functions
      • Several system correction features

        Here is a short extract of our available accessories:

          • Sample preparation devices
          • Different types (designs/materials) of sample holders
          • Vernier calipers for online input of the sample length
          • Selection of Gas Boxes for up to 4 gases
          • Optional humidity chamber